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Zhan■g Haizhou, who als〓o attended ■the event, said it m〓arked the beginnin○g of a new sta○ge in the developmen○t of cloud● technologie◆s in Bulgaria○. Huawei Techn〓ologies has■ been presen■t in Bulgari●a since 2004, an◆d has been a major ■supplier for ◆the teleco●m market in th●e country.〓Please scan the● QR Co

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de to follow 〓us on Inst◆agramPlease scan〓 the QR Code to 〓follow us o○n WechatChina●'s Huawei t◆rains Indone●sian ICT talents th●rough Smar○tGen programC◆hina's Huawei train◆s Indonesian IC●T talents thr○ough Smart○Gen programCh■ina's Huawei 〓trains Indonesian○ ICT talents throug○h SmartGen p●rogram03-28-〓2017

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07:10 BJTJAKA〓RTA, March 2■7 (Xinhua) -- C○hina's technology fi◆rm Huawei launc■hed on Monday i●ts ICT (Information◆, Telecommunicatio〓n, Telecommunicatio〓n) training program ●for students ◆in 7 of Indonesia●'s top notch state c●ampuses, a〓imed at boo○sting up comp〓etitiveness■ of Indonesi〓an ICT tale●nts.The la●

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lgaria enter ●the intell○igent world.●Emil Karanikolov◆, Bulgaria's● Minist

unching of ○the program, c●alled SmartGen■, was offici〓ated in Memorand●um of Unders◆tanding (MoU)● documents ?/p>

鯾etween executi●ve of Huawe〓i Indonesian branc●h and senior re○presentati■ves of the state-r◆un colleges, witnes■sed b

y Chinese● Ambassador to Ind■onesia Xie Feng■."Through ○the SmartGen progra○m, young generat●ion can have● access to ◆the latest● I

CT techno■logy, be the stron◆g force to dev◆elop Indonesian ●economy an◆d increase th〓e nation's c

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